About Us

Bold Look Head Wraps and Clothing offers you a distinctive style to inspire and empower you to boldly showcase your uniqueness and beauty.  We have carefully selected light weight, flexible, durable, and vibrant fabrics for your head wraps, which is an alternative to wearing your natural hair style or wearing a hair free look as well.  


Indulge in ankara, batik and quality cotton fabrics to name a few, a must have for a bold look statement.  No fuss, feel good and look fabulous in our unique head wrap colors selected to fit your on the go lifestyle.    Glamorous patterns, chic styles, solids, and stripes are African and American culturally inspired print collections and designs. 


We want you to showcase your head wraps and clothing with a vibrant look.  Make your head wraps “POP” with eye catching colors.  Embrace your unique and bold style wherever you go and rock it!  


Start your Bold Look Head Wraps and Clothing collection today, an exquisite designer brand created just for you.  Wear it boldly!

Juanita Morris - Owner